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Overwatch Placements


How does Overwatch Placements service work?

As much as if it is your first season as if you have already disputed some previous season, the Overwatch Placements service is perfect for who wants to appear at the highest position possible of the ladder. Sometimes the luck factor in the promotional games may not be favorable for you and after finishing the ten promotional games appear in a lower elo than you should. Either by trolls or bad matches appear in a low elo can cause you to fall into the elo hell. To avoid this situation BSV makes it easy, you can buy promotional games from our store. Each unit you buy means that our boosters will play a promotional game for you. We always recommend to buy several units since the percentage of victory on our part is more than 90% but there are factors that we can not control like the leavers, trolls, etc.

Can I choose a role or champion in concrete?

In our Overwatch Placements service we offer you the opportunity for our players to play for you any hero or champion at cost 0. Once you send us the e-mail with all the access information, you can leave a note with the heroes and roles that you would like our boosters to play for you. Remember that we have high tier competitive players for each role. We have boosters that can play supports, hitscans, off-tanks, tanks, dps and flex heroes.

How much will you finish Overwatch Placements service?

Overwatch Placements are a simple task. The estimated time will depend on the promotional games purchased. If you have purchased only 1 promotional game, the time will be around 30 minutes. If otherwise, you have bought 10 promotional games, during one afternoon the service will be completed.