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Overwatch Solo Queue


Why choose Overwatch Solo Queue as service?

Are you stuck in a lower elo than you should? Do not worry, our professional players are ready to help you. Sometimes the luck factor plays a essential role in the ladder. It is very possible that despite your attempts to win games, your team does not respond favorably and end up losing even if you play a very good game. Thanks to our Overwatch Solo Queue service, our boosters will play from your account and they will help you to raise a higher rank where you can express your maximum potential. Although it seems contradictory, sometimes it is easier to win a game in higher ranks since Overwatch is a game in which teamplay prevails. So the more higher you are in the ladder, you will have more possibilities for your team will not troll or they will play in equipment.

How does Overwatch Solo Queue service work?

With Overwatch Solo Queue service our professional players will enter your account to play for you. For this you can buy some of our packs, a win net or +50SR in our store and the price will vary depending on your current elo. Each unit purchased in our store means that our boosters will get 50 points more from your current elo, that is, if you are in 3750 and you buy a unit of SoloQ 3750, our players will leave your account at 3800.

And do not worry, in the event that our players leave your account at 3820 instead of 3800, you will not have to pay even an extra euro! If you are happy, so will we.

Can I choose a role or champion in concrete?

As you will know in BSV all our boosters are professional players of the competitive scene so we have boosters of all kinds, from support, through tanks to the best hitscan on the international scene. So if you want our players to play one class exclusively on your account they will be happy to do. Also unlike many shops, we will not charge you anything for this extra service!

Will the boosters reply to my friends if they send a private message?

Our boosters will never respond to any message received during the boosting time, unless you tell us otherwise. After you make the purchase, you will send us an e-mail with all the information of your account so you can leave here any annotation that you consider timely. We are open to any suggestions or ideas that you think might be necessary for perform your service.

How much will you finish Overwatch Solo Queue service?

This will depend on several factors, among other things, the magnitude of your purchase. It is not the same to have to rise from 3000 to 4300 that from 3500 to 3600. In general terms the services can be completed in a period of from 2 hours to 1 week depending on the magnitude of them.

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