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Overwatch TOP 500


What are Overwatch TOP 500 rewards?

We are aware that being TOP 500 in Overwatch is not an easy task. Whether if you need a final push or you need our help to get up yourself from any range, our players are ready for it. Thanks to our Overwatch TOP 500 service you can get the following rewards:

  • Unique TOP 500 icon.
  • Exclusive season icon.
  • Animated spray.

All of these rewards are unique and will lasts in your account forever.

  1. High skill rating rank.
  2. +3000 Competitive points for your account (Buy gold weapons with them).

How does Overwatch TOP 500 service work?

At BSV we make it easy for you. You can get TOP 500 in Overwatch by different ways. Buy our pack with which our players will do everything for you. We will play your promotional games and we will raise you into the TOP 500 of the ladder from 0. If you are already at 4250, we can climb up yourself to the TOP 500 with our service from the store for a single payment. If otherwise you are already TOP 500 and you want to climb some extra positions or stay in the TOP, you can buy a win NET and our players will win a game for you.

Can I choose a role or champion in concrete?

Climbing to the TOP 500 is not a simple task, so in this service our players will limit themselves to playing their best champions to get the TOP 500 as fast as possible for you. However, you can leave any indication in the e-mail that you send us and we will study it, surely we can do something about it to make you happier.

Will the boosters reply to my friends if they send a private message?

Our boosters will never respond to any message received during the boosting time, unless you tell us otherwise. After you make the purchase, you will send us an e-mail with all the information of your account so you can leave here any annotation that you consider timely. We are open to any suggestions or ideas that you think might be necessary for perform your service.

How much will you finish Overwatch TOP 500 service?

This will depend on several factors, among other things, the magnitude of your purchase. It is not the same to have to rise from 0 to TOP 500 than from 4250 to TOP 500. In general terms, services can be completed in a period of 72 hours up to 3 weeks in the case that you have purchased the pack from 0 to TOP 500.

Overwatch TOP 500 Genji