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We are the most skilled team!
In our company only the best high tier competitive players are working for us

st1w OW Booster
st1w, Overwatch
Former Hitscan DPS and Captain for Stone Templars and x6tence
st1w has been playing Counter-Strike since 1.5 no steam version. His beginnings in the competition’s world began in 2010, with his first LAN in Granada. Later, he has participated in another events such as online and offline. Now he is a experienced competitive player of Overwatch former captain of  x6tence and Stone Templars as main hitscan DPS.

Nominated for World Cup Spanish Team
  • 9-16 Go4Overwatch (PC) Europe Cup #1 (353 teams)
  • 9-16 2016 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown – Gamescom EU Qualifier #1
  • 9-12 The Battle
  • 2nd TGX Movistar Gaming Experience Season 1
  • 3rd Go4Overwatch (PC) Europe Cup #43
Krawnzlol WoW Booster
Krawnzlol, World of Warcraft
Top 1 European Priest

Krawnzlol is a very experienced competitive player in World of Warcraft. He is a multiclasser player with 3.100 exp in 3v bracket. Also reached #1 eu in his class, multigladiator in discipline priest and holly paladin, always playing with r1 players and Blizzcon competitors.

  • Highest 2v2 Rating achieved: 2732
  • Highest 3v3 Rating achieved: 3076
  • 1st place Qualifier GCD Europe Pro League – Spring – Tournament #1
  • 7th 8th place 2016 WoW Arena European Qualifier to regionals #1 (Legends Never Die)
  • 5th place 2016 WoW Arena European Qualifier to Regionals #2 (Legends Never Die)